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North Dakota Barbers Association

The North Dakota Barbers Association consists of all barbers who hold a current license in the state. We want to inform all who are considering barbering for a career, or those barbers that are thinking of relocating to North Dakota. 

North Dakota Barbers Association website

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EXPENDITURES REPORT FOR JANUARY 11th, 2020 OCTOBER CHECKS CHECK# - PAYABLE TO - AMOUNT Withdrawal Business Quicken Checking $9.95 1450 Paul Ellerkamp (Aug/Sept) $600.00 1451 SRT (phone/internet) $90.09 1452 Tona Stevenson (Sept) $410.00 1453 Joel Brehmer (Sept) $300.00 1454 Holiday Inn (meeting room rent) $96.75 1455 Matt Ellerkamp (October exam) $450.00 1456 Risk Management $669.93 Debit Card Office Max (Office supplies) $99.89 NOVEMBER CHECKS CHECK# - PAYABLE TO - AMOUNT Withdrawal Business Quicken Checking $9.95 1457 -VOID- $0 1458 Paul Ellerkamp (Oct.) $771.22 1459 Tona Stevenson (Oct.) $941.91 1460 SRT (phone/internet) $89.06 1461 ND Newspaper Association (administrative rule) $1,765.94 1462 Attorney General's Office (administrative rule) $765.94 1463 Lowes Printing (business cards/Matt) $83.32 Debit Card Marketplace (postage) $2.05 Debit Card Post Office (postage) $5.80 DECEMBER CHECKS CHECK# - PAYABLE TO - AMOUNT Withdrawal Business Quicken Ch

January 2020 Meeting Minutes

PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES April 25th, 2020 The North Dakota State Board of Barber Examiners held their meeting at the Holiday Inn in Fargo on January 11th, 2020. President Joel Brehmer called the meeting to order at 6:04pm. Roll call was taken and present were President Joel Brehmer, Vice President Matt Ellerkamp, Leane LaFrance, Brendan LaFrance, AJ Dort, Carlos Preston, Wil Dort, Kayla Guzman, Andrew Storkamp, Mary Cannon. Absent was secretary/Treasurer Tona Stevenson. Joel asked for approval of the agenda. Matt made a motion to approve with a second from Brendan. All in favor motion carried. Joel read the previous meeting minutes. Mary made a motion to accept the minutes with a second from Matt Ellerkamp. All in favor motion carried. Brendan gave the Skill Cutz Barber College report. They currently have 7 students enrolled. The hours of operation at the school have changed, they are now open 5 days a week from Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am-7:00pm. The school has start

2020 Summer Meeting Agenda

NORTH DAKOTA STATE BOARD OF BARBER EXAMINERS MEETING AGENDA SATURDAY, JULY 11TH, 2020 Roll Call Previous Meeting Minutes Treasurers Report Barber College Reports Old Business - Administrative rule changes pertaining to licensing barber colleges. New Business - Complaint from Man Cave Review of Student Exam Applications Adjourn